XL Feeds XL Feeds 3925 Lower Valley Rd - Kalispell, MT - (406) 871-2788 - Email UsHome About Us Why Cubes Products Contact XL Feed hay cubes are 1 ¼ inch square in approximately 2 inch lengths. XL Feeds uses only high quality hay to produce excellent hay cubes. Feed analysis is available

Alfalfa Cubes - High energy, high protein, quality feed

Grass/Alfalfa Cubes – 50/50 blend of grass and alfalfa

Grass/Alfalfa/Oat Cubes

Custom Cube Blends Available on quantity orders

Hay- Alfalfa, Grass/alfalfa, Grain hay - Hay is available in 4x4x8 bales or 18 small bales steel banded into a 4x4x8 bundle (easy to handle with loaders and forklifts)

Oats – Cleaned and bagged whole oats.

“3 Way Ground Grain - This is usually a blend of barley, wheat, oats and canola. A mineral pack is available. This blend is available in 50# bags or bulk totes.
(Special orders are available)